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Lake Elsinore Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement 

lake elsinore garbage disposal serviceMost residential homes are equipped with a garbage disposal Lake Elsinore.  Disposals are designed to grind food into small pieces with a series of small blades to allow food debris to flow easily down the drain.  Although a disposal can be unjammed and reset if something is stuck under one of the blades, often the unit will need to be replaced.

Is your disposal humming instead of grinding?  For all of you self-sufficient handymen, try this easy test before calling for one of our trained Lake Elsinore Garbage Disposals & Repair technicians.  On the bottom of the disposal is a reset button.  Push the button, turn on the water, then turn the disposal on.  Still humming?  Next try inserting one end of a disposal unjamming tool (more commonly known as an allen wrench) into the hole in the bottom center of the disposal. Crank the wrench back and forth applying a little pressure.  Do not force it!  You may cause the disposal to come loose from the mounting ring on the sink.  Again, press the reset button, turn on the water and turn the disposal on again.  Depending on the object causing the jam, it may take a few tries to release the blades.  Try it…..you may be surprised.

If the unit is still not working give Nootbaar Plumbing, the Lake Elsinore Garbage Disposal Experts a call.  One of our service technicians will come to your home and assist with either unjamming or replacing the unit.

Lake Elsinore Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement Tips:


To extend the life of your disposal always follow these helpful hints:


Only use the disposal to grind food.  Other debris may damage the unit and cause the drain to clog.  Never use your disposal as a trash can.

Never stuff the disposal completely full with food.  Always insert small amounts at a time.  And, never use your fingers to push the food down while the unit is on.  Remember, the blades are designed to be sharp in order to grind the food properly.

Always run water when using your disposal.  This helps the ground up food flow more easily down the sink drain.

Avoid placing food in the disposal that is hard or stringy.  For example, never put celery, artichoke leaves or bones into the disposal.

We maintain a stock of both 1/3 horsepower and ½ horsepower garbage disposals in our warehouse and on all service trucks.  High tech stainless steel and “silent” disposals are available on a special order basis and usually arrive at our warehouse the next day. One of our friendly office staff will be happy to help you decide which size and type is most effective for your use and budget. Lake Elsinore Garbage Disposal Services

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